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At Guardian Angels, mobility dogs are trained based on the needs of the individual. For some people they need help with balance or help getting out of a chair or off the floor. In other cases, mobility issues can be more complex for individuals who need the assistance of a service dog, which is why our training is tailored to the needs of the recipient. (more…)

As the daughter of a Korean War veteran and the mother of a son that did three tours of combat in Iraq and Afghanistan, and as an American, I believe we should be filled with appreciation and gratitude for the liberties and freedoms which have been secured by those willing to undertake the tremendous burdens of war. (more…)

At a VA appointment, Craig’s doctor recommended a Service Dog to treat his disabilities. After going through the application process, Craig was paired with his medical service dog Foxy in May of 2020.


Robyn Staebler became a Michigan Ambassador in 2021 after she attended a Celebrate Michigan’s Military event and heard recipient stories. “I knew immediately that Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs was an organization that I would be proud to represent. I also knew the first responder community needed to know this was an option for those that were disabled,” said Robyn. (more…)

Potty training typically starts when the dog is a puppy, but many of these tips can be applied to adult dogs as well. When it comes to puppies, what they put in their mouth comes out the other way quickly, so they need to be taken out often. (more…)

September was a whirlwind of exciting activities for Guardian Angels!


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