Robyn Staebler became a Michigan Ambassador in 2021 after she attended a Celebrate Michigan’s Military event and heard recipient stories. “I knew immediately that Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs was an organization that I would be proud to represent. I also knew the first responder community needed to know this was an option for those that were disabled,” said Robyn.

Robyn’s “Why” for Working with Guardian Angels

Robyn, as the wife of a retired K-9 police officer, is passionate about supporting first responders. Her husband worked with five police K-9s throughout his career, which Robyn is grateful for. She said these dogs protected her husband and others in the field and even saved his life, providing comfort and friendship to them when off duty.

“The benefits of medical service dogs have always been near to my heart, and it brings me great joy to see the bond between a dog and its owner. Many individuals and families have been affected by PTSD, mental and physical disabilities, and suicide. Knowing that these amazing animals can help save lives gives me the inspiration to share Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs with everyone I know!” said Robyn.

What Robyn Wants You to Know About Guardian Angels

“This organization is full circle. They care about the smallest details of the dog and the recipients. At the farm, they raise quality pups and train them for the personal needs of the recipient,” said Robyn.

Guardian Angels has a 2-week on-site training for the recipient when they are paired with their new medical service dog, keeping in close contact with the recipient to ensure the dogs are healthy and the new relationship is beneficial and growing.

While doing all of this, Robyn said the organization also keeps them in tune with how their donations are impacting the lives of veterans, first responders, and individuals across the country.

How Robyn has been Personally Touched by Guardian Angels

“I never get tired of hearing stories of how these dogs have changed the lives of not only the recipients but the peace that they give the family members as well. They are truly guardian angels,” said Robyn.

Learn More About Our Amazing Team!

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