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We do everything in our power to accept requests for speaking engagements and speak to hundreds of groups and organizations each year.

Guardian Angels proudly served as industry consultants to Florida State Representative Jimmy Smith, as he drafted Florida’s Service Dog bill, passed overwhelmingly in 2015. We also advised the State of Michigan as they drafted their bill, now law.

If you would like to request a representative from Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs to speak at your event, please fill out the below form as completely as possible. We will reach back to you with questions, a decline or acceptance as soon as possible.

Please note: The vast majority of our speaking engagements will involve the presence of a demonstration dog, who will demonstrate actual tasks our service dogs perform.

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  • Fundraiser Events

    We can provide a representative to attend your Guardian Angels Approved Fundraiser

  • Veterans Events

    There are many opportunities for respresentatives to help support Veterans Events

  • Educational Seminars

    Contact us to help support any educational seminars you are hosting

  • Volunteer Events

    We would love to support you by educating you on our volunteer opportunities

  • Celebrations

    Let us join you for your celebration and help us create awareness of our mission!

  • Service Dog Awareness Events

    Our team would love to be a part of your for efforts creating awareness for Medical Service Dogs

  • Community Events

    We would love to help support your community by representing Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs at your community event

  • Mental Health & Awareness Events

    Let us help support your event by sharing education on the health and well-being the support of a Service Dog can provide