Tucker Whetstone, Trainer and IT Assistant at Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs, uses his passion for animals and his technical knowledge and abilities to further our mission of helping veterans in need!

In 2015, Tucker joined the Army right after completing high school. While he was serving in the Army, he worked as a K9 police officer and dog trainer for about six years.

During his last year of service, he became a Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) missile defense system operator and maintainer. After his service in the Army was completed, he wanted to utilize the valuable skills he learned in the military and use them to help others, motivating him to apply at Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs.

Tucker has been working at Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs for seven months and is thrilled to come to work each day to do the two things he loves: work with dogs and complete IT projects.

“I’m here because I love our mission! The fact that I get to train dogs that help those who served before me means a lot to me because I know there are a lot of people out there who served our country and brought home some pretty heavy mental and physical burdens. The dogs we train here can help alleviate those issues they’re having,” Tucker said.

In addition to loving the mission of Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs, Tucker also loves and appreciates how the organization goes above and beyond for the recipients and the constant work they do with the recipients and for the recipients even after they have been paired with their service dog.

At Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs, we provide our recipients with the training, care, and guidance they need to succeed with their service dogs. To learn more about Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs, visit our website today!

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