Nancy Dakin

Nancy Dakin started working with Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs in the fall of 2020. First as a volunteer, then as a full-time employee in December 2021.  She most recently joined the Development Team in 2022 and splits her time as a dog trainer and development project administrator for Guardian Angels.

Nancy’s Motivation for Working with Guardian Angels

Nancy initially came to Guardian Angels after she was introduced to the organization by a mutual friend. She knows how dogs, especially properly trained service dogs, can make a difference in someone’s life and she was wanted to be part of this life-saving mission.

Nancy knows a service dog can help a person regain confidence and independence and provide lifesaving alerts to medical conditions. She wanted to be a part of making those things possible for other veterans. As a retired Colonel, she knew this is a way for her to continue to serve and give back to her fellow veterans with visible and invisible disabilities.

 What Nancy Wants You to Know About Guardian Angels

Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs has paired hundreds of dogs all over the United States, changing and saving the lives of veterans, first responders, and their families and caregivers.

By working with these dogs, Nancy said it has reinforced how intelligent they are and how “in-tune” they are with their handler’s individual needs.  “It is very rewarding to know I had a part in training a service dog for a veteran or first responder, serving those who’ve served,” Nancy said.

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