In the Spotlight: Brian DeLong, Regional Coordinator

Hired in May 2024, Brian brings his talent for raising funds for the Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs mission, fueled by his passion for helping veterans to the organization. 

“I was in the automotive industry for 32 years and desperately needed a change. Since I have been raising money for GAMSD for four years, and my calling is to help others, I asked if they needed someone in Pittsburgh to coordinate things for them. So here I am,” Brian said. 

Brian served in the U.S. Air Force for 30 years, four months, and 11 days, during which he was deployed six times. He is currently the Commander of VFW Post 764 in McMurray, PA. 

How Brian’s Work with Guardian Angels Has Impacted His Life

As a combat-disabled veteran with PTSD, Brian understands what the veteran recipients are going through and has seen with his own eyes the difference that a service dog makes in someone’s life. 

A specific testimonial from a veteran recipient sticks with Brian. “The testimonial I heard was about a man buying a gun, writing a note, and having a date. Before the date arrived, he was called to go to Florida to be paired with his service dog, and he is still here to tell his story,” Brian said. 

Brian’s “Why” for Working at Guardian Angels

Helping others is Brian’s passion, and Guardian Angels is the perfect place for him to lend his passion and talents to make a a difference in the lives of veterans. 

“I am here to help others, and amidst all of the fundraising, paperwork, email, and coordinating, we are helping others. I do have a passion for helping veterans, and what I am able to do for GAMSD truly makes my heart happy,” Brian said. 

What Brian Wants You To Know About Guardian Angels

Brian pointed out that the organization is filled with kind, compassionate individuals who truly believe in their mission to help change lives. 

“They are the nicest, most caring group of people that anyone could have in their lives. They not only give me an avenue to fulfill my life’s work, they also care about me,” Brian said.

“On paper, I’m not the person for this job, but the COO, Mary Jo Brandt, could see that I have what it takes to get things done. I always say, “You can’t beat a guy that won’t quit.”

To learn more about Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs and our life-saving mission, visit our website today.

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