Sheldon Ewers is a U.S. Navy veteran who later worked as a Michigan corrections officer. Sheldon had experiences in both of these positions that left him diagnosed with depression, PTS, and hypervigilance. Sheldon was paired with his service dog Roy in August 2016.

One day in 2017, Sheldon experienced a deep depression that left him feeling hopeless, and he decided to end his own life with a pistol. He was home alone with his service dog Roy, who was sleeping in the living room.

Sheldon said Roy somehow knew that he was attempting to end his life because Roy suddenly came running into the room, putting his paw on Sheldon’s face while pawing at his hand and arm and throwing his body onto Sheldon to get his attention. The actions taken by Roy motivated Sheldon put the gun down.

Because Roy saved Sheldon’s life that day, he was awarded the Guardian Angel’s Dog Hero of the Year in 2017. Roy has since been retired from his service, and Sheldon is now paired with his service dog named Patsy.

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