Jody said his life before Nick was a wreck. With his medical conditions, high blood pressure, that unmedicated could top over 300 (would have to have an arterial catheter to read his blood pressure), volatile blood sugars (way high, way low swings), having survived adrenal cancer, and surviving a very rare heart syndrome called Wolfe Parkinson White Syndrome.

Every little pain, ache, tremor, had Jody on edge. Jody said he was suicidal for a while because he was so tired of medicating eight pills two or three times a day and not getting better. And to add PTSD to the mix, his social experiences were spiraling out of control, and he was withdrawing quickly.

The same week Jody received Nick, he went out to dinner with strangers and got his first tattoo. Jody says he swears his blood pressure dropped because he felt great. Nick immediately started alerting to his blood sugars. When Jody went for a checkup, he learned that his blood pressure was 155/82, numbers he hadn’t seen in 20 years. “It has to be Nick and his super suit!! (That’s what we call his vest),” said Jody.

Jody said that Nick has quickly become part of the family and has become fast friends with your daughter. “[Nick] Really helps with the home life, and I hope he is starting to repair our family. It was stressed,” said Jody.
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