Let the Final Round Begin!

You’ve Voted in Round One, and now we begin the second and final round of our 2019 Service Dog Hero of the Year Awards!

Through voting, the 2 finalists have been identified, now it’s up to you, and the panel of judges at Guardian Angels to determine the winner.

Meet your Finalists!

#TeamJuice’s Nomination Story:

“I had the opportunity to meet with my grandson’s school counselor one day to pick up some books. Upon entering the office, with Service Dog Juice at my side, the counselor was speaking to a young man approximately 15 years old. The counselor advised him that if he didn’t go with another counselor that he would be 302’d.

Being involved in law enforcement my entire life, I knew that a “302” was an involuntary mental health commitment. Hearing this, I approached the young man, and introduced myself. Attempts to speak to him were failing, but my service dog Juice kept whimpering and trying to get near this young man. Finally, he asked why Juice was acting this way, and I told him “she knows you’re upset”. He looked puzzled, and at that moment, Juice came from my side and jumped on the table, licking the young man’s face.

Immediately, he smiled and began petting both sides of Juice’s face. As Juice laid next to him on the table being petted, the young man’s attitude began to shift, and he revealed to me that he had not been honest with the counselor, then rolled up his sleeves to reveal hesitation marks on his wrist from an earlier attempt at suicide. At this point I knew it was serious. He continued to pet Juice and look at her while we spoke. Petting Juice, he revealed that he had something on him to commit suicide with. Fearful of a firearm as he reached in his pocket, he pulled out a single-edged razor blade and handed it to me freely.

The young man continued his story: his mother had had a stroke, and he was placed into foster care, where he was being abused. We made a deal. He would go to the crisis center, and tell them what was happening, and I gave him my number to call me if the situation didn’t improve.

The next day, I received a call from the principle and counselor. They called to let me know that the young man told the crisis center staff that “had it not been for Juice, I would have killed myself yesterday”.

#TeamFlash’s nomination story:

“On September 4th, I was 30 weeks pregnant, and had been paired with Flash for about 3 months. This particular day, Flash was alerting all day; licking me and staying right on me at all times – more so than had become our “normal”. This made me pay close attention to how I was feeling, and I soon noticed a strange feeling in my head. Because of Flash’s vigilance, and because I was already being closely monitored due to seizures, I called my Dr and he asked me to come in. Initial testing showed my blood pressure to be 70/40, and my blood sugar in the 30’s! That very day, I had an emergency c-section and my daughter Brylee was safely delivered. Flash saved 2 lives that day.”

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