In the Spotlight: Kensi Nicholson

Since March of 2021, Kensi Nicholson has served the Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs’ team as an apprentice.

Kensi’s Special Connection to Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs

She has a special and strong connection to the mission of Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs. Kensi comes from a large military family with relatives in every branch. She has seen firsthand how soldiers come and knowing what the dogs can do for them amazes her.

“Watching the pairings has given me a truly joyous feeling and I couldn’t get that anywhere else, working with these dogs and knowing that I played a part in saving a life is indescribable and deeply fulfilling. This job is a gift that I will always be grateful for,” said Kensi.

Kensi also struggles with PTSD and anxiety, so she loves seeing the peace the dogs bring to their recipients in their own beautiful way.

What Kensi Wants You to Know About Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs

Kensi said she wants people to know about how Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs goes the extra mile at their training facility by taking the time to perfectly match each dog with their recipient and making sure their every need is trained into the dog.

She said this special care that Guardian Angels puts into training their dogs has saved lives with a 13-year span of no suicides showing the proof of the work that the organization puts into each pairing.

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