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What is a Traumatic Brain Injury?

A TBI is caused by a violent blow, shock wave, or jolt to the head or body. It can also be caused by an object piercing the skull and entering the brain. When it comes to traumatic brain injuries (TBI), individuals experience different levels of severity and disability that result from the injury.

Some people have multiple brain traumas, which, of course, each one makes it worse, and those brain traumas and brain injuries can manifest themselves in different ways, meaning in some cases, people lose their peripheral vision or their vision altogether; sometimes the TBI impacts things you may not think of, like their ability to do math. In other cases, a TBI can cause seizures, vertigo, and balance issues.

There is a plethora of problems that a traumatic brain injury can cause. People who experience a TBI can suffer from one or a combination of the symptoms mentioned above.

 How Can a Service Dog Help?

The service dogs at Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs are custom trained based on the issue/issues the recipient has. If they have seizures, the dog will alert the recipient in advance so the recipient can get into a safe position in preparation for the seizure.

Service dogs can also be trained to assist with mobility and balance challenges. Our service dogs offer assistance to recipients who need help transferring from a wheelchair to their bed, help them rise to a standing position, and/or aid them in balancing while walking or standing. The service dogs wear a special harness in public to help support the recipient with balance. They are also trained to help the recipient if they fall to get back up.

Our service dogs can also be trained on tasks such as retrieving dropped items or the phone, opening/closing doors, and turning on/off lights. Our service dogs are trained to have basic commands and manners, but their specific task training is tailored to the specific needs of the recipient. This training provides recipients with the ability to lead a more independent lifestyle.

Learn More About Guardian Angels Today!

Our mission at Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs is to unleash the power to heal veterans and others in need. Our service dogs are trained to change lives for those with traumatic brain injuries and other disabilities. Contact us today to learn more!

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