Featured News: Check out “Good Dogs!” podcasts, featuring our Founder, Carol Borden

If you are looking for a way to gain education on the communication between people and dogs, understand dog behaviors and how to train your dog, check out Good Dogs! podcasts.

Meet the Hosts of Good Dogs! Podcasts

These podcasts are hosted by our founder and CEO, Carol Borden, who has extensive experience training people to train dogs through her college-accredited/VA-approved curriculum and a life filled with first hand experiences training thousands of dogs throughout her career in multiple disciplines, and Tracie Hotchner, Author of the Dog Bible & The Cat Bible, host of NPR’s Dog Talk®, and founder/host of Radio Pet Lady Network.

What Subjects Do “Good Dogs!” Podcasts Cover?

Good Dogs! podcasts explore the many aspects of communication between people and dogs, from military K9’s to purpose-bred and trained service dogs to competitors in dog sports, pet behaviors and special expert analysis of dogs or dog incidents in the news, etc..

The mission of these podcasts are to educate people so they can understand how dogs think, “bringing out the good” in each dog so people and dogs can live together harmoniously.

This podcast provides insight on a variety of topics related to training and caring for your dog. Listen and learn how Guardian Angels Service Dogs work to prevent veteran suicides, get tips on how to manage your dog’s potty breaks realistically and humanely, find ways to manage your dog’s bad greeting manners, learn more about helping your dog interact safely with children, and so much more!

Good Dogs! podcast serves as a wealth of knowledge for dog owners, service dog recipients, Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs supporters, and anyone interested in learning more about the relationship between people and dogs!

Where Can I Listen to the Good Dogs! Podcast?

Listen to Good Dogs! podcasts at https://www.radiopetlady.com/category/shows/podcast-gd/

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