Regis, a 100% medically retired Navy veteran, served for approximately 16 years. He has been married to his wife for almost 21 years and together they have five children.  His oldest child joined the Navy when she graduated in 2016. Regis said he enjoys spending time with his wife and children, as well as his service dog Cheyenne, who he was paired with in 2016.

How Cheyenne Helps Regis in His Daily Life

“She helps me start my day by making me get out of bed. She helps keep me calm and relaxed on a daily basis. She is my awesome sidekick, and I don’t know what I would do without her. Even with her being older now and developing some arthritis, she still takes care of me. We, as a family, have adjusted ourselves to help care for Cheyenne to make sure she is always comfortable,” said Regis.

How Cheyenne Has Changed Regis’ Life

Cheyenne has helped Regis re-enter events within his daily life with support and confidence.

“Cheyenne has helped me grow and learn to live a new normal. Before Cheyenne, I was unable to attend my children’s games due to my daily challenges. When I am sleeping at night and I have a nightmare, she wakes me up. My girl is truly amazing and has blessed me in many ways,” Regis said.

What Regis Wants People to Know About Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs

“I would highly recommend anyone looking to seek out a medically needed service animal to go through Guardian Angels. Over the last several years, everyone has been beyond kind to me. They care a lot about the veterans as well as the dogs. I’ve never had a negative experience with anyone from Guardian Angels,” said Regis.

Want To Learn More About Our Recipients?

To learn more about Guardian Angels and how our service dogs help those in need, visit Our Recipients page to learn more!

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