Aron and Allie Medical service dog

Aron, a Marine Corps veteran, was given a new lease on life when he was paired with his service dog Allie. In July 2023, they reached their “Pairaversary,” celebrating one year together. Allie has made many amazing changes in Aron’s life and continues to teach him something new every day. (more…)

When it comes to training service dogs for our recipients at Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs, we only choose the best, which is why we work mainly with German Shepherds.
This breed is highly intelligent and has an extremely sophisticated sense of smell, also known as an olfactory system, which they rely on heavily to complete many of their tasks for their recipient. They also love being with their person and having a job, making them a great choice as a working dog for our recipients. (more…)

Service dogs provide invaluable support for people with disabilities and are specially trained to provide support and function to the recipient. Service dogs are not considered pets but rather more like medical equipment, such as a wheelchair or oxygen tank. They are federally protected, meaning they have public access that pets do not, thus allowing them to accompany their recipient virtually anywhere they need to go. (more…)

Whether you have a pet or service dog, keeping them safe when swimming, boating, or playing around bodies of water is your top priority. Without taking proper safety precautions, your pet or service dog can become injured or drown while out on the water, so it is important to have training and safety measures in place to keep them safe. (more…)

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