Meet Tuebor!

This sweet German Shepherd puppy is just months old right now, but he’s already got an amazing story to tell!  You see, little  Tuebor had his name, before he was even born thanks to the Michigan State Police 135th Trooper Recruit School, the Greater Metropolitan Association of REALTORS® (GMAR), and the people of Michigan!

Fundraising for the future medical service dog began when recruits from Michigan State Police’s 135th Trooper Recruit School met a Guardian Angels’ recipient at a local gym and decided to dedicate their “Workout of the Day” to raise funds for a service dog to support a disabled veteran. In total, the recruits raised more than $9,200 with GMAR stepping in to donate the remaining balance for a total of $25,000, the full cost of training a service dog.

Both the Trooper Recruit School and GMAR decided that the name should be decided by the people of Michigan, so we began a state-wide naming contest and the winning name, of course, was Tuebor! The word Tuebor is part of the Michigan State Police motto, and in Latin it means “I will defend”. 

Learning new things…

Since little Tuebor is only a few months old now, he’s learning just the basics – potty training; commands such as “heel, sit, down and come”; as well as an exercise called “paws”. Paws is a very important command for our dogs. They place their front legs up on a chair and stay. This makes it easy for recipients who may have mobility or balance issues to put on their service dog’s vest, without having to bend all the way over. Little Tuebor is also working on audio desensitization, socialization, enrichment exercises and building his confidence. At this point in his training, all of his time in “school” is without a leash or collar, that will come later.

Once fully trained, Tuebor will go on to support his handler by mitigating symptoms of a variety of visible and invisible disabilities. These could include: PTSD, Traumatic Brain Injury, seizure & diabetic disorders and/or mobility issues, or any number of other disorders.

GMAR has partnered with Guardian Angels for their  “5 Years, 5 Dogs, 5 Lives Saved” campaign, in which they will donate funds for five service dogs. Since starting the campaign, the Association has sponsored the training for Cobalt REALTOR® Blue, Thor and Indy. Cobalt and Thor have since been paired with recipients while Indy is currently in training at Guardian Angels’ headquarters in Florida. If you’d like to learn more about their 5 Years campaign, please visit their website at:

Check back with this page for “pupdates” on little Tuebors’ progress. In the meantime, if you’d like to donate to Guardian Angels and help us continue training incredible Service Dogs for those with disabilities click here.