Service Dog
Gwyn Hiesinger

Gwyn Hiesinger Finance/HR

Gwyn has over 20 years of administrative and office management experience in the private sector, as well as owning and operating a small commercial print shop for 22 years. She is assisting GAMSD with day-to-day financial activities as well as onboarding new hires and various other Human Resources duties.

Gwyn has an AA and an AS in Allied Health. She has spent the last 10 years assisting the geriatric population in rehabilitation from strokes, joint replacements, fractures, etc. as an occupational therapy assistant. The transition from hands-on assistance for patients to regain their independence to an organization whose goal is to help veterans and first responders achieve their “new normal” through the utilization of these intelligent, loyal, loving dogs has been satisfying to Gwyn.

Gwyn has a chiweenie and two cats. She relishes spending time with her family, including her adorable granddaughters. Gwyn likes traveling and dining out, and when at home, she enjoys wooden puzzles and baking.