Service Dog

Ann Larkins Treasurer, Board of Directors

Born in Upstate NY, Ann Larkins has enjoyed a lifelong love of animals. She had a 40-year career with IBM Corp. The company enabled her to live and work in places like San Francisco, CA; Tacoma, WA; Anchorage, AK; Syracuse, NY; Atlanta, GA; and for the past decade, Williston, FL. She has worked on many different assignments and received recognition for achieving a high degree of proficiency in her chosen field of administration. In 2002, Ann, able to work from home with IBM and live anywhere, moved to Florida, where she was blessed to more closely pursue her passion of appreciating and caring for animals. In 2013, Ann became a Guardian Angels foster parent, opening her home to many incredibly-talented, sweet German Shepherds, one at a time. It’s difficult to say ‘good-bye’ to each one, but when she sees the smiles on the faces of the recipients and hears what a difference their service dogs have made in their lives, it makes giving them up a little easier. Plus, Carol Borden was always there, handing her the leash of another one of these gifted creatures to train and introduce to home life. Ann joined the Guardian Angels Board of Directors in 2014 and became more involved in helping get dogs so urgently needed into the hands of worthy recipients. Ann is also a member of the Williston Women’s Club, the First United Methodist Church in Williston, and the Williston Chamber of Commerce. Upon retiring from IBM in 2014, Ann became a real estate agent, helping people during some of the most stressful times in their lives. Ann hopes to continue her work on the Board of Directors in hopes of getting involved in other areas to help the organization grow and succeed.