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Brian & Renegade Service Dog Pairing

Brian & Renegade

Brian had a career full of danger. He served over 15 years in law enforcement, then worked for military contractors as a Designated Defensive Marksman and Sniper overseas, then, spent years serving on a human trafficking Taskforce. After all these years of service and sacrifice, Brian retired and finally began recognizing his heart issues, health issues and admitted to himself that he had PTSD. Brian says: “My thoughts were always focused on the past, instead of the future. I suffered with terrible nightmares, self-isolation, and RNT (repetitive negative thinking), re-living difficult days of my service.

I learned about Guardian Angels, and decided to apply. In January of 2022, I was paired with my best friend, Renegade. With Renegade, I can share stories that no one else can or will ever hear. He helps me tremendously. I had been pretty much completely isolated until receiving Renegade. Now, we to the hardware & grocery stores, we even travelled to Colorado to visit family! – Something that without him, I would never have done. Because of Renegade’s alerts, my night terrors have been reduced from nightly to maybe two or three per week. Because of Renegade, I’m living a “New Normal”.