Service Dog

Antonio & Alice

From Antonio’s Mom: My son struggles everyday after being a gun shot victim at 9 years old. He was shot in the back of his head and is a blessing to be here now ❤. After 17 months he has had many brain surgeries, and we don’t know if it is over yet. We have been looking into getting him a service dog since he was able to come home from the hospital, I researched day after day. We know how important it is for our son because the aftermath of what a stranger did has changed his life forever, to never be the same again. So we looked into many places ALL let downs and rude people.

I was giving up hope, then I came across Guardian Angels, and what a blessing. They are so kind and from day one Debbi has been incredible even through my millions of questions. We went there, and wow everyone is so amazing I mean everyone. The dogs are so well taken care of and loved everyone knows all their names and you can see it in their dogs eyes they are so incredibly loved. I was talking to one of the trainers and he was telling me how he loves going there everyday and how much their dogs mean to him that was what I was looking for in a organization that loves what they do and their dogs. I mean each beautiful dog has their own little swimming pool so sweet. I am so excited for my son and his future with his service dog from Guardian Angels. I know they have a bright future, and I want to help in every way I can.

What an incredible organization, and group of people.