# Each year, Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs selects one dog that has gone above & beyond the call of duty. The 2015 winner was recipient David’s Super #ServiceDog, Sasha.

Here’s Sasha’s Story:

I always keep my bedroom door slightly open because Sasha patrols between my room and my apartment partner’s bedroom at night. Without realizing what had happened, I closed my door that evening because Sasha was barking at, what I thought were shadows. During the night, Sasha continued to bark and come back and forth between my bed and the door. I finally got up to check if someone had broken into the apartment. What I found when I got up was my roommate, Jody, laying in the hallway between our bedrooms. Jody had fallen into a “low blood sugar” comma. This is what Sasha was trying to alert me to earlier. Even though Jody didn’t recognize either Sasha or me, Sasha would not leave his side while I called 911 to summon help. Sasha continued to remain by his side until the emergency crew stabilized Jody and then loaded him into the ambulance. There is no doubt Sasha saved Jody’s life that evening. There is only one Sasha and I thank God and Guardian Angels she is my partner.


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