Service Dog

We’re hoping that you saw our “Good News” story about Service Dog, Huey who was recently injured while traveling. If not, give a quick minute to watch the video below, and see how the incredible people at Delta, the Pittsburgh, Atlanta & Tampa International Airports, along with the TSA and emergency staff all worked together to help us get Huey home safely. We can’t say enough about all of their extraordinary efforts!

Huey is doing great, all healed from his injury, and below you can find a link to read the great follow-up story, currently on the Pittsburgh International Airport’s website.

Thanks to everyone for the kind words and show of support for Huey!

Thank you to everyone at Pittsburgh International Airport, for publishing this great follow-up story to our video about Service Dog, Huey; who was injured while traveling. You can read their “Pupdate” on Huey here:

In fact, Huey is doing so great, he returned to Pittsburgh, and had a chance to thank the wonderful Dave Tartler, Manager of Security Operations at Pittsburgh International Airport for all his help!

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