Kathy and Jule Service Dog pairing
Recipient Kathy has Multiple Sclerosis, and before being paired with her Service Dog, Jule in 2020, reported that life was very difficult.

Jule assists Kathy with her stability while walking. “There are times when I can’t tell the difference from a flat surface, a slope, or drop off, but Jule helps by maneuvering me, and guiding me through changing terrain.”

Kathy states that Jule has made her much more independent. “I was experiencing things that were becoming more and more severe, causing me to go out less because I couldn’t do certain things, and would become frustrated. I could do things – but didn’t even realize all I could do until I was paired with Jule. She has shown me that yes, I can…with her assistance. She is always there for me, helping me. She’s been a light in my life. Jule is truly a good girl, and she’s made a huge difference in my world.”
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