In the Spotlight: Lucy Barnes, Gifts Advisor

Hired in July of 2023, Lucy Barnes brought her passion for helping others and her fundraising and donor relations skills to Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs.

“I am eager to learn and contribute to the organization’s mission. I hope to deepen my understanding of the training and placement process for medical service dogs, as well as enhance my skills as a gifts advisor. Ultimately, I aim to make a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals and families who benefit from the services provided by Guardian Angels, Lucy said.

Prior to working at Guardian Angels, Lucy served as a gifts advisor for a dog rescue organization, where she cultivated relationships with donors, managed fundraising campaigns, and ensured that the organization received the necessary financial support to continue its mission of rescuing and rehoming dogs in need.

How Lucy Was Led to Work for Guardian Angels

Lucy’s admiration for the incredible work Guardian Angels does by providing medical service dogs to those in need is what led her to work with our organization. “The opportunity to continue working as a gifts advisor, but now in the context of helping individuals with medical conditions through the power of service dogs, was something I couldn’t resist,” Lucy said.

Lucy’s experience as a gifts advisor and her robust educational background provides her with a unique perspective that she brings to her position at Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs.

With a bachelor’s degree in political science and art History and a Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling, she not only brings a well-rounded perspective and critical thinking skills to her position, but she also brings a deep understanding of the importance of the human-animal bond and the positive impact that service dogs can have on individuals’ mental well-being.

How Lucy’s Work with Guardian Angels Has Impacted Her Life

“Since joining Guardian Angels, I have been personally touched by witnessing the incredible impact that medical service dogs have on the lives of individuals with various medical conditions. Seeing the transformation and increased independence that these dogs provide is truly heartwarming. It reminds me of the power of the human-animal bond and reinforces my belief in the importance of the work we do at Guardian Angels,” Lucy said.

Lucy’s “Why” for Working at Guardian Angels

“My “Why” for being here and my motivation stemmed from my passion for helping others and my love for animals. Knowing that I have the opportunity to contribute to improving the lives of individuals with medical conditions through the power of service dogs is incredibly fulfilling,” Lucy said.

Lucy is the proud mother to a rescue Pug named Frida, who she calls the love of her life and her soul dog. Frida brings immense happiness to Lucy’s life, and that is a bond Lucy cherishes deeply.

“The bond between humans and animals is a source of inspiration for me, and being able to witness the positive impact that these dogs have on individuals’ lives is truly rewarding. This job means so much to me because it allows me to combine my personal values and passions with my professional work,” Lucy said.

What Lucy Wants You to Know About Guardian Angels

The life-changing impact that Guardian Angels makes on their recipients is one of the things Lucy would highlight to someone unaware of the organization’s work.

“These dogs are not just pets; they are highly trained companions who provide assistance, support, and independence to their handlers. The work that GAMSD does goes beyond simply providing a dog; it provides a lifeline and a renewed sense of hope for individuals facing various challenges. It is truly remarkable to witness the transformation and the positive outcomes that result from the partnership between a service dog and their handler,” Lucy said.

To learn more about Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs and our life-saving mission, visit our website today.

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