Some things are just better in pairs…

Just like the partnership between the 135th Michigan State Police Trooper School and the Greater Metropolitan Association of REALTORS® (GMAR).  These amazing organizations have come together  to sponsor the training of a future Service Dog from Guardian Angels!

Fundraising began when recruits met a Guardian Angels’ recipient at a local gym and decided to dedicate their “Workout of the Day” to raise funds for a service dog to support another disabled veteran. In total, the recruit class raised more than $9,200 with GMAR stepping in to donate the remaining balance for a total of $25,000.

GMAR had already been involved in raising funds for service dogs for several years. Since starting their “5 Years, 5 Dog, 5 Lives Saved” campaign in 2015, GMAR has sponsored three service dogs, including Cobalt Realtor Blue®, Thor and Indy. Cobalt and Thor have since been paired with recipients in Michigan, while Indy is currently in training.

Guardian Angels will begin training this sponsored service dog for a deserving recipient soon, but what should we call him or her?

Both organizations have decided that is up to you! Cast your vote now through Wednesday, March 4.

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