Featured Recipient Sarah-Hero

Sarah, a Military Sexual Trauma survivor, served in the Army from 2005 to 2007. Sarah had an accident, falling from a height of about 19 feet. During this time, she requested compassionate reassignment due to her husband at the time being ill. After her husband passed away, she got out of the military. “I stayed basically locked in my house, failing to adapt to civilian life,” Sarah said.

Sarah contacted the VA to begin the process of finding a service dog, but those efforts did not work out. Sarah’s needs were brought to Carol Borden, the Founder of Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs, and Sarah said Carol rescued her by pairing her with Hero in 2014.

Sarah enjoys sewing, gardening, and playing with her service dog, Hero. She and her husband, Robert, also enjoy “paying it forward,” which is what prompted them to move to Williston to be near the Guardian Angels campus.

How Hero Helps Sarah

Sarah said with her depression, it is difficult to get up every morning, but Hero will come to her bed to wake up and give her kisses to brighten her day.

“Not long ago, I tried to commit suicide. I was hearing voices, and Hero kept alerting,” Sarah said. Sirius, her husband’s service dog, was able to get her husband’s attention and get her proper medical care while Hero stayed with her, sitting on the knife to keep her from cutting herself further. Sarah said the symptoms she was experiencing were due to a medication she was taking.

She said Hero helps alert her if her sugar is high or low and also helps her get back up if she falls. “Hero has encountered so many changes up and down in my health, and he accommodates and learns to help me with all my troubles. Hero is my line of life support!” Sarah said.

Sarah said before Hero, she was very reclusive, but now with Hero’s help, she is able to overcome her fear of talking to people or going out places.

What Sarah Wants You to Know About Guardian Angels

“Guardian Angels, to me, is where I am reborn and have my guardian angel materialize in a dog and walk beside me every day. I have never felt this safe. In one single phrase Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs is home sweet home,” Sarah said.

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