Featured Recipient Bryan-Fahrny

Bryan Carpenter joined the Marines in 2005. In 2006, during his service overseas in Iraq, he hit a roadside bomb that placed him in a medically induced coma. He woke up weighing 120 lbs. and had to learn to walk, talk, and live all over again.

“I had brain damage, a traumatic brain injury, PTSD, and a page full of physical injuries and disabilities, which sent me on a lifelong journey of healing and recovering,” Bryan said.

How Fahrny Helps Bryan

“Fahrny doesn’t help me with just my daily life; Fahrny helps me with my whole entire life,” Bryan said. Fahrny can Bryan’s emotional levels or see his demeanor changing and will come to alert Bryan or come check on him to make sure to help prevent Bryan from getting angry or having an aggressive outburst.

Bryan currently has many hobbies, such as being a fitness trainer/MMA trainer, an author/speaker, and also enjoys camping/off-roading. Bryan said he also enjoys going on adventures with Fahrny.

“When anxiety or depression starts setting in, he adjusts his behavior to change that bad feeling I am going through. Ever since I was paired with him, my life has been coming back together in a very good way after it crumbled for years. I’ve rekindled with my family and friends, my mind has been in a positive state, and good things just keep coming to me now. Fahrny is a true example of why dog is god spelled backward. He is a gift from god and has healed me in so many ways,” said Bryan.

What Bryan Wants You to Know About Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs

Bryan wants it to be known that his pairing with Fahrny and the many recipients he has spoken with serve as an example of how the amazing dogs Guardian Angels trains have helped heal so many people.

“I want everyone to be aware of what they do and to bring people to Guardian Angels to help heal someone in need of help. Guardian Angels has the potential to change the world if we can spread awareness enough,” Bryan said.

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