#TeamNick & #TeamRhino Enter Hero Dog Awards

Our recipients may be of different genders, with different medical conditions and different histories. They may live half way across the country from each other, but #TeamNick and #TeamRhino share 3 very important things:

  1. They both have Service Dogs that come from Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs.
  2. They’ve both had their lives saved by their Service Dogs.
  3. And they’ve both thought the world should know how amazing their Service Dogs are!

Recipient Gina is a former first-responder and lives in Colorado with her Super Service Dog Rhino.

Rhino is a seizure-alert dog that helps keep Gina safe before, during and after a seizure occurs.

Check out her video below as she explains how Rhino makes a difference in her life:

You can vote for #TeamRhino through May 7th at: http://herodogawards.org/dog/rhino-the-apache-warrior/

Recipient Jody is a veteran of both the Army and the Navy, and  lives in the Pittsburgh area.

Nick is a PTSD and Diabetic alert Service Dog. Check out Jody’s video on why he decided to nominate his Service Dog, Nick:

You can vote for #TeamNick through May 7th at:http://herodogawards.org/dog/nick/

Getting Noticed!

The good folks at KDKA in Pittsburgh have noticed, and recently did a story about Nick’s entry – check it out!

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