Service Dog

Travis Mallin Trainer

An expert in dog behavior and psychology, Travis Vincent Mallin has been raised around dogs his whole life. His first dog he had was at the age of one that his parents adopted. The dog was a boxer of 3 years old and almost became a guardian to Travis, inherently instilling the natural and instinctual side of dogs to Travis as a baby. Ever since he has always had a k-9 companion by his side throughout his life. Travis also used to train as a boxer from the age of ten throughout his teens, placing 3rd in the nation as an amateur in 1999 before becoming pro in his early twenties. He attributes his uncanny instinct, anticipation and feel for a dog’s behavior and or reactions to his many, many years training as a fighter allowing him to have a natural sense of timing and reaction towards any dog in general. Back in Northern Virginia he helped manage and run several days camp for dog facilities. As he states he was very at peace in a room of more than fifty plus dogs at a time. His specialty was spotting problem behavior between dogs and correcting always when needed as well as being able to read or get a sense of feel for all the dog’s body language and energy in any given room. Becoming naturally good at desensitizing he was able to rehabilitee many rescues and client dogs back into society overcoming theirs fears and or aggressions. Travis also himself suffered throughout his twenties with social anxiety and in turn became very depressed. Dogs helped Travis rehabilitate from his anxiety as well as depression. He credits two specifically for saving his life and giving him a new purpose. Those two dogs Chase and Riya are still with him today and they both are always his heart and soul. Since his dogs in general saved his life he has been determined to do the same for other humans. I am a self taught trainer which in many ways results in my successful training being unique to my natural abilities. Over the past 5 years he has been studying all the ins and outs of dog psychology and behavior. To say it is a passion working with dogs is a severe understatement. It has been his life and now it has become his life’s calling and mission to help and save more lives through the dogs he works with. This is an exciting opportunity to serve others in need and work with the GAMSD mission to save lives.