Service Dog

SGM Brian Jones (USA, Ret.) Advisory Council - California

I joined the US Army on June1, 1981 and served 22 years on active duty, then transitioned to the Department of Defense as a Special Operations integrator until March of 2005. I served in the Army as a Ranger at 2nd Ranger Battalion, at 1st SFOD-Delta, and at the Ranger Regiment, and retired as a Sergeant Major. I earned my BS in business while on active duty and attended Harvard Business School in the executive business post grad program. I was owner and CEO of a tactical training business for 9 years after I retired from the Army. I was diagnosed with PTSD in 1996 while getting a routine physiological assessment after leaving Delta and arriving at the Ranger Regiment late in my Army career. In 2005, PTSD had become quite severe, and I was in a downward spiral, confused, depressed and realized it was bigger than me and I was running out of options. I received a call from the VA asking me if I would be interested in the service dog program, I said yes in 2009, and that’s when I met Carol. Guardian Angel Medical Service dogs made all the difference in my life I couldn’t get from programs and counseling. Sarge saved my life. I’m sure of it. I realize probably more than just about anyone the significance these Service dogs are in the lives of our veterans that need one. I currently reside in Oceanside, California with Sarge, who just turned 9. He is still in great shape, but he is pretty much in semi-retired mode. We hike every morning, and I am so grateful for him. He is the only one in my life now. He pulled me through 2 life crisis. I owe my life to him.