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Cameron Betush – USMC Advisory Council Member - North Carolina

I am originally from Pittsburgh, Pa. Beginning at the age of 15 I was drawn to helping others. I began as a volunteer firefighter which introduced me to some harsh realities of the world. The adrenaline and feeling as you walk into a burning building cannot be explained as it is a feeling of its own. I continued on this journey by serving 8 years in the United States Marine Corp (4 active & 4 reserve). As a Corporal, I deployed to Afghanistan in 2011 with Regimental Combat Team 8 as a member of the Embedded Training Team. This deployment gave me a firsthand account to true sacrifice and selfless acts for the greater good of the man next to you and the mission. I returned home from this deployment with a Purple Heart from injuries sustained as a result of a 120lbs improvised explosive device and the memories (good and bad) of a lifetime. While in the Reserves, I achieved the rank of Sergeant and was privileged to lead a platoon of Marines. Transitioning out of the Marine Corp, I worked as a Correctional Officer for a Max 4 Prison, located in Butler County, Pennsylvania. I then became a Deputy Sheriff where I worked patrol in Stafford County, Virginia. Being a Marine, working in an area that was heavily populated by Marines was God placing me where I was needed. I was able to save lives, help the injured, hold people accountable, and have the experience to relate to military members in distress. To date, this was my most fulfilling job and a great chapter in my life. Leaving law enforcement was needed as all that experience comes with a physical and mental cost.  I needed to slow down and focus on fixing myself so I can be the best person for my family. I moved on to a slower paced job where I currently work as a Senior Security Specialist for FedEx Express, Americas & Aviation Security. I handle internal investigation, brand protection, risk mitigation, and physical security as a short list of my responsibilities. It’s not the Marine Corp and it’s not law enforcement but it keeps me busy.