Four Entered, Two Remain

At Guardian Angels, we teach our dogs to think & react to medical emergencies – not to merely respond to commands. Every year, there are incredible stories of life-saving heroics performed by our service dogs. So each year, we hold a friendly competition amongst our Recipients. This contest determines which Service Dog has gone above & beyond the call of duty, and their training to save a life in a dangerous situation. All entries are submitted by the dog’s recipient.

We have awarded a Service Dog Hero of the Year since 2011. If you’d like to view previous winners, click here. 

Congratulations to all of this year’s entrants: Grant, Bolt, Patton & Victor for truly being life-savers for their recipients.

The Two finalists moving forward in this final round are Service Dog Grant, and Service Dog, Victor.

Now it’s time to determine this year’s Hero! Read their incredible stories, and choose who you think should be named our 2020 Service Dog Hero of the Year! Please see contest rules below.

Vote Early, Vote Often…and remember while there’s no donation required to vote, if you do donate, More dollars = more votes!

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Here’s our Rules:

All submissions will be entered for consideration and enter round one. Which will last from Nov. 12 – Nov. 27th. Those chosen by a combination of public (49%) & private (51%) voting will move on to the final round.

  1. Private voting will consist of a panel of judges within GAMSD.
  2. Public voting will be determined by votes received through our online voting platform.
  3. No donation will be required for votes to count, but donations made toward a nominee will double your vote! Nominees can encourage friends & family to vote early & often.
    • One vote = 1 vote
    • One vote + $1.00 donation = 2 votes
    • One vote + $5.00 donation = 10 votes
    • One vote + $10.00 donation = 20 votes
  • The final round will begin on Monday, December 7th, and continue through Thursday, December 17th. Where the 2020 winner will be chosen by a combination of public (49%) & private (51%) voting.