Become a Quarantine Family

By welcoming one of these rescue dogs into your family for just three weeks, you will play a vital role in not only saving a dog’s life that was about to be euthanized, but in also making someone else’s life whole again. What a tremendous double gift you can give!
We take care of the routine veterinary care, grooming, heartworm preventative and flea treatment. You are responsible for feeding the required diet, collar and leash, providing appropriate toys and tons of love. Not only are your expenses tax deductible, but your selfless contribution is immeasurable!
While this rescue dog is learning all about family life in your home environment, he will also be immediately on the road to a new life through addressing any health issues and receiving tons of love during his or her transition.
After three weeks this future service dog will come to our facility to begin his or her training. You will have the honor of being one of the VIP’s when we have the “Passing of the Leash Ceremony” where we symbolically pair the recipient and their new service dog.

By welcoming one of these amazing dogs into your family for several weeks, you will play a vital role in making someone’ else’s life whole again. What a tremendous gift you can give! –Carol Borden, Founder

At Guardian Angels, we believe that there is a blessing in every life saved, whether canine or human. That is why we take every opportunity to utilize rescue dogs. But to ensure the health of all of our incredible dogs, we rely on quarantine fosters to keep newly-rescued dogs isolated during their initial processing. This ensures the health of our dogs currently in training, as well as assists us in learning about any special aspects to their personality, so that we can make a perfect match for them, once they’re trained.

This Foster opportunity is currently only available to Florida residents. If you’re interested in becoming a Quarantine Foster Family, please click the link on this page to submit an application. Thank you for being a hero for these rescued dogs!

Apply now to help Guardian Angels save these amazing dogs and unleash the power of love, while helping to save two lives at once! By becoming a Foster Quarantine Family, you will be helping us get our dogs one giant step closer to meeting their future recipient!.

Become a Quarantine Foster