Project Description

Sarah & Hero

Hi, my name is Sarah. I have PTSD, panic disorder, beside other health issues.  After I stayed several years locked up in my house, for fear even of my shadow, I did try to commit suicide because I was not able to handle the stress and depression that took me. I isolated myself – losing important events such as: my first grandson’s birth, my daughters first solo in a orchestra, school meetings, doctor appointments and family gatherings – so I got help. I came a cross this amazing non-profit organization thru another veteran, since I needed someone to help me to do my regular chores, grocery shopping and others things. Since I received Hero, my guardian angel, I have been able to attend more events with my family and go on with my life; knowing that my best friend has my back and I got his. In the first 2 weeks, I – for the very first time, went to a restaurant, sat and ate my meal, got to finish my grocery shopping without crying or hiding in a corner at the store, and started to call people to get me out the store, for the very first time in very long time – I feel a person again thanks to Guardian Angels.