Project Description

Laurie & Twinkle

I received my service dog, Twinkle, on Mother’s Day in 2011 for seizure alert and PTSD issues which I began to suffer after my home was broken into while I was alone in March 2009. I believe 100% in the work that Carol Borden and the rest of the staff are doing at Guardian Angels.

Since receiving Twinkle, my life has improved drastically. Before I had her, I spent my days huddled in my house, afraid to go outside alone. I never went anywhere without my husband or son to accompany me. Because of my PTSD, my husband would miss work quite often to take me to my various doctor appointments. Most of the household duties fell to my husband and son as well. I suffered from terrible anxiety anytime someone would knock on the door because I was too afraid to answer it; however, I would then become worried about who they were, what they wanted, and fearful that the person would think no one was home and try to break-in. After receiving Twinkle, the change in my life was miraculous.

Not only do I go outside to walk Twinkle, but I now drive myself to my doctor appointments, go shopping and to the beach by myself. Judging by the vast improvement in my quality of life.