Project Description

Jacob & Faith

Hi my name is Jacob and I am a 100% disabled Iraq War Veteran. I am one of the most recent recipients of a Guardian Angel Medical Service Dog. I was paired with Faith about a month ago and we have been working together full time for about two weeks. Before being paired with a service dog, I was dealing with a lot of anxiety and sleeping issues that were caused by my TBI. I never knew a service dogs could help with invisible disabilities until I met a Guardian Angels service dog at a veteran function. After talking with the other veteran about how his service dog impacted his life and gave him the ability to get back to his everyday life, I knew it was something I needed to look into. I contacted GAMSD through email and was contacted back with a welcoming email from the organization founder Carol with all the details and how to apply. She not only went through the application process but the difference was that the organization helps pair service dogs. Soon after my application was submitted, Carol sent me a amazing email letting me know that I was accepted into the program and she wanted me to come out and meet her and the other wonderful members of the organization. Once I was able to make it out to meet everyone and go over the whole program, Carol wanted to introduce me to a service dog she felt would work best for me and my situation. From the first meeting with Faith, I knew she would be an amazing service dog, and we bonded from the start. After that I was able to bring my family out to meet with Faith and see how she reacted to both of my young children. As you can imagine that would be a very scary thing for most parents, but once again Carol and her staff worked with us, and showed us how gentle and special their service dogs were. Once we knew that Faith would be great with the children, I was able to come out a couple more times and work with Faith and the trainers which included going out with some other members to a local event. This not only helped with my trusting in her training, but showed me how well we could work together in my everyday life. Now that I have Faith all the time, my life has change dramatically. The team at Guardian Angel Medical Service Dogs is truly amazing and I am so thankful that I was able to be apart of their program.