Project Description

Michelle & Alice

Hi my name is Michelle and I was recently┬ápaired with my service dog, Alice. I suffer from PTSD, anxiety disorder and other medical conditions. Alice is my best friend and she has helped me sleep with the lights off, keep me aware of my surroundings when I dissociate from a flashback, she has kept me calm when I’m in public areas with loud noises, she has even helped me with my postpartum depression. Having her in my life is heaven sent. Yes, having her and with 3 kids, aged 4,1 and a 2 month old is a challenge; but she helps me more so then ever. My husband has noticed changes in me, and I don’t get highly anxious when the baby cries. Alice and I still have a lot to learn and have still have much training to do, but it’s been 3 weeks and so far I have seen lots of changes in my life. Having her helps me start my day out right with exercise because I have to run her in the morning, which is helping me lose the baby weight and fight the depression. One time when I was sitting on the sofa I had a flash back (Alice was sitting there next to me) I was able to hold on to her and not leave my body, which is called dissociation. My therapist and psychiatrist are very happy that I have her and think she is a good tool to help me with my grounding techniques with PTSD. Alice is great with my kids and part of my forever family; I love her very much. I am thankful to Guardian Angels, and the staff members that helped train her and give her to me. She is my four-legged angel.