Project Description

Linda & Grant

I am a little nervous putting this information out to strangers and basically sharing me fears and weaknesses, but I have a new relationship with a protector, a guardian, a source of strength, courage and trust that has been missing from my life for way too many years.

A new, but very special friend has made this relationship possible. Her name is Carol Borden. Her gift is an incredible ability to communicate with not just people, but with dogs, and teach them to communicate with each other.

She has such a big heart that she chooses to share this gift with veterans and with people like me who have suffered at the hands of others. People who have hidden themselves and their fears and wounds from others for so long that many of us have forgotten there is good in the world. I was damaged very badly physically and emotionally at 5 years old. It seems that some damaged people give off an aura that predators can sense, because I spent 3 months in Mass. General Hospital recovering from the same kind of damages at 12 years old.

Although to others I appeared normal most of the time, I have lupus which affects my balance, creates intense joint and muscle pain. I have suffered night terrors and panic attacks so severe that I was taken to the hospital and given IV sedatives to restore my breathing and heart rate to normal. I suffer severe depression and a difficult time maintaining relationships due to my fears and trust issues.

But enough of my baggage, the real story here is Carol gave me a cure for my damaged body and soul. She gave me “Grant”. To the rest of the world he is a service dog. To me he is trust, hope and sleeping thru the night.

As part of his training process Grant spent several months at St. Matthews House where he learned many of the skills that have made him an invaluable source of psychological and physical support to me.

I am so grateful that Grant and other dogs had the opportunity to meet and be assisted in their training by men who choose to rise above, who choose to make amends, who choose to assist people like me. We have much in common. We were lost, but now are finding our way home, back to a world where we have value. With the help of Carol Borden and her Guardian Angel Medical Service Dogs we are better, we are stronger and we will be whole! Thank you Carol, thank you St. Matthews House, thank you Grant and thank God for all of you.