This may be fun & games, but your donation is serious business. All proceeds from this fundraiser will help us continue rescuing, raising, training & donating medical service dogs to deserving recipients with permanent disabilities.

We all know that Poop Happens! Why not have a little fun?

Here’s how it works:

Pick the square(s) you think Service Dog Tank is most likely to “take care of his business” in, and donate that amount (or more) to help us continue our mission. We will paint a matching grid on site at Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs facility.

On Thursday, July 2nd, Tank will do his part, and the square with the most poop will be declared the winner!

What’s the prize? It’s everything you need for a great summer day! The winner will receive a Patriotic-themed Beach Swag Basket that includes an American Flag, Igloo┬« 50 qt. cooler, bluetooth speaker, beach towel, sun screen, beach bucket set, and much more! Of course we didn’t forget your furry best friend! Also included is a pair of dog booties & a poop bag dispenser w/bags for when you’re (literally) on the go!

Choose your donation amount & lucky square, and let’s get started!