P.E.T.S. Program

Our P.E.T.S. Program is not currently accepting applications. Please check back for updates.

Our P.E.T.S. Program (Pets, Evaluated and Trained for Service Program) is a unique concept in service dog training. Guardian Angels will evaluate your already wonderful dog, to see if it has the necessary traits and work ethic to transform into a service dog for you. This program developed out of the incredible demand for service dogs, realizing that we could only rescue and raise so many, and yet, so many more people were still in need. This program will first evaluate your dog, then begin you and your pet on a journey of training and benchmarks that will determine if your dog has the attributes necessary to become medical service dog. The same stringent requirements apply to our P.E.T.S. Program as our regular service dog program. We require a confirmation of disability to have a service dog; and you must be physically and cognitively able to attend the classes and train your dog. Pricing depends on the amount of training necessary. The training in this program will run a minimum of six months.  If this is a program that interests you, please contact us and we can begin your application process.

Apply Now

Apply now to train your pet as a service dog. This innovative program can greatly reduce the time typically necessary to receive a medical service dog. Standard screening approvals apply, and your dog must pass a thorough evaluation process. Filling out this request for application will begin the process, and you will receive our full P.E.T.S. application packet. You would need to attend our weekly classes in Williston, Florida. If you do not reside near Williston, please continue to check back frequently, as this program continues to expand.

P.E.T.S. Program Application