20-22 veterans are taking their lives each day.

It’s a statistic we all know, and can change.

Guardian Angels trains medical service dogs to mitigate the challenges associated with several disabilities, including: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Traumatic Brain Injury, seizure disorders, glucose imbalance, mobility issues and more. In short, Guardian Angels provides living, breathing 4-legged healers to our veterans.

Guardian Angels uses positive-reinforcement training methods to custom-train each dog for the exacting needs of their recipients, and of the nearly 300 recipients paired with their service dogs, the rate of suicide is Zero. A lesser known, but almost equally important statistic is that of marriages that include a combat veteran, the divorce rate can approach 90%. But once a Guardian Angel medical service dog is in the home, the rate of divorce falls to less than 1%.

Northrop Grumman is very proud to have already sponsored Service Dog, Victor who has been paired and is now serving Brig. Gen. Donald Bolduc (U.S. Army, Ret.).

The impact that these dogs have is amazing. They can do things that no human caregiver can, like sense an oncoming seizure, or smell changes in adrenaline levels. Recipients report reducing or eliminating prescription medication under their Dr’s care; improvement in sleep patterns and a reduction in panic attacks; plus an increase in the independence and freedom they feel everyday. Having one of these service dogs also reduces the burden on family caregivers, as the dogs can pick up dropped items, open/close doors, turn on and off lights – even call for help in an emergency.


The photos below are of Brig. Gen. Donald Bolduc and his Service Dog, Victor,

living their beautiful New Normal together.
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