Help PNC Bank Dayton name a future Service Dog!

Through their annual Mutt Strut Events, PNC Dayton has raised the funds necessary to sponsor the training of a future Service Dog.  These incredible dogs, once fully trained, will go on to assist a veteran, first-responder or civilian struggling with conditions such as PTS, Traumatic Brain Injury, Seizure and Diabetic disorders, mobility issues and more. Each dog takes up to two years to fully train, and although the cost is $25,000 for each dog, with the help of events like the Mutt Strut, and supporters like you, each dog is donated to their recipient at no cost.

One of the greatest “perks” of this sponsorship is getting to name the future Service Dog – and they’ve decided to leave that up to you, Dayton!

The Mutt Strut Team at PNC Dayton has chosen 6 potential names that all celebrate incredible Daytonians, and now it’s up to you to choose.

Here’s the potential names they’ve chosen, and a little bit about each name:


In honor of Paul Lawrence Dunbar: American poet, novelist, and playwright of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Born in Dayton, Ohio to parents who were enslaved in Kentucky before the American Civil War, Dunbar began to write stories and verse as a child and published his first poems at the age of 16 in a Dayton newspaper. He was also president of his high school’s literary society.


Lt. Col. Charity Edna Earley: The first black officer in the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps and the commanding officer of the only organization of black women to serve overseas during World War II.


Edwin C. Moses: American former track and field athlete who won gold medals in the 400 m hurdles at the 1976 and 1984 Olympics. Between 1977 and 1987, Moses won 107 consecutive finals (122 consecutive races) and set the world record in the event four times. In addition to his running, Moses was also an innovative reformer in the areas of Olympic eligibility and drug testing. In 2000, he was elected the first Chairman of the Laureus World Sports Academy, an international service organization of world-class athletes.


Edwards A. Deeds: American engineer, inventor and industrialist prominent in the Dayton, Ohio area. He was the president of the National Cash Register Company and, together with Charles F. Kettering, founded Dayton Engineering Laboratories Company (Delco), an early innovator in automotive technology. Deeds partnered with the Wright brothers in an early airplane manufacturing venture and led the military aircraft production effort in World War I.


Richard E. Cole: American career officer in the United States Air Force. He was one of the airmen who took part in the Doolittle Raid on April 18, 1942, serving as the co-pilot to Jimmy Doolittle in the lead airplane of the raid. He eventually reached the rank of lieutenant colonel.


Kelley Deal: American musician and singer. She has been lead guitarist and co-vocalist of the alternative rock band The Breeders since 1992, and has formed her own side-projects with bands such as R. Ring and The Kelley Deal 6000. She is the identical twin sister of The Breeders’ lead singer Kim Deal.

All you have to do is choose. Please fill out the form below, and let’s name this puppy!

This year, the Mutt Strut will be an all-online, 5-day spectacular virtual event!  If you’d like to participate, check out The event kicks off on September 8th!

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