Guardian Angels Celebrates 10-Year Milestone

What a ride it’s been! Guardian Angels has reached a huge milestone for a non-profit organization – celebrating 10 years of  raising, training and then donating individually-trained medical service dogs to our veterans, first-responders and others who struggle with permanent disabilities.

We’ve grown from a staff of 2 – Carol Borden, our Founder and CEO and her husband, Chris; to a staff of 38 dedicated employees who live for our mission.

In just our first 10 years, we’ve been able to pair more than 350 deserving recipients in need with incredible service dogs, who not only mitigate the challenges of their disabilities, but deliver to them a New Normal, with restored dignity, freedom & independence they thought would never return.

We’ve grown many new friends, followers and supporters, and are nearly ready to take our next giant leap – raising funds to build our 2nd campus near Pittsburgh.

Guardian Angels thanks you for following us, for dreaming with us, and for changing lives with us. You never know what comes next, but we know that we will faithfully train the best service dogs for those in need for as long as we have the support of friends like you. Join us, as we continue Unleashing the Power of Love, the Power of  Hope, and the Power to Heal.

Help Us Reach Our $250,000 Goal, to pair 10 more deserving individuals

In Honor of Our 10th Guardian Angelversary

More than 61 million people in the United States navigate the challenges of permanent visible and invisible disabilities each day. These are the individuals Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs is dedicated and honored to serve.

We thought long and hard about the best way to celebrate our milestone 10 year Angelversary. We could think of no better way, then by raising the funds to help more people, struggling with permanent disabilities, live a beautiful new normal with a service dog at their side.

A United States Army Veteran, who has returned home after serving our country and struggles with the effects of Post-Traumatic Stress after being in a building in Afghanistan that was hit by a mortar.

A first-responder who received a traumatic brain injury while responding to the Oklahoma City Bombing, and developed epilepsy as a result of that injury.

A young boy who tragically suffered from a gunshot wound to the head at the tender age of nine, leaving him with an artificial flap covering a large portion of his skull, plus a traumatic brain injury, seizures, migraines and balance issues – which are especially dangerous given that a fall could be fatal.

An individual with mobility challenges, who already had a great dog, but needed help training it to assist him.

Get to Know Us:

Great people make all we do possible. From our CEO to our dog care specialists, everyone at Guardian Angels job is critical to the success of our Service Dogs.

The videos below were filmed by staff members who volunteered to share their experience at Guardian Angels with all of you, and we’re so glad they did…

Over the last decade, GAMSD has placed more than 350 medical service dogs with veterans, first responders and civilians across 26 states. These recipients suffer from PTS, traumatic brain injuries, diabetic and seizure disorders, mobility issues and more. In honor of our 10th Guardian Angelversary, we are looking to give 10 more individuals a new leash on life